We Provide Services to Digitize All Types of Documents

NT&D provides professional document scanning and conversion services to organizations in various industries and governments. We combine our 25 years of experience with the best scanning equipment and our proven workflow process to ensure our clients' digital conversion projects' success. Our highly trained project managers, scan operators, and QC technicians ensure that your documents are processed accurately with the utmost care.
Our ultimate goal is to provide the highest possible image quality and accurate index data so that your electronic documents can go to work for you. Our technical capabilities include assuring compatibility with the most popular document management systems on the market. Below are the various types of documents we digitize for clients across all industries.

Our services

Paper Documents: we scan documents of any type or size. We have the capacity and experience to convert large projects timely and efficiently.
Large Format: engineering drawings, maps, plans, blueprints and more. We have scanned over 10 million large format documents!
Microfilm & Microfiche: smooth Solutions has scanning equipment to accommodate high-quality image capture from film-based media.
Books: we specialize in digitizing all types of books including textbooks, notebooks, manuals, historical texts, ledgers, etc.
Newspapers & Magazines: loose issues or bound volumes, Smooth Solutions has scanned millions of pages of magazines and newspapers.
Photos & Film: smooth Solutions has a laboratory designated to the high quality capture of photographs, slides & negatives
Technical Manuals: we are experts at making physical technical manuals, documents, binders and folders accessible in electronic format.
Aperture Cards: we have the experience and capacity to scan hundreds of thousands of 35mm aperture cards on a monthly basis.
On-Site Scanning: when documents can't leave your facility, we'll come to you! We will assemble a team and scanning environment on-site.
Cloud Hosting: cloud storage allows you to save office space, cut down on security costs, and grants you immediate access to your files anytime and anywhere.

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